Audio Recordings by Nils Crusberg
Nils Crusberg has performed extensively on various recording projects. Nils composed, arranged, performed on, produced, and engineered most of the audio samples on this web page. His diligent applications and his devotions to the subject of music are noticeably remarkable in each example. Although he has produced a vast collection of music as a solo artist, he understands the importance of working as a team to create the live dynamics that can only be found in the comradery of a band. Nils’ resume includes work with bands of many styles out of a variety of locations such as Pudding in a Cloud (Worcester, MA), Red House (Boulder, CO), We Are One (Santa Cruz, CA).  Nils currently performs locally with one of the Seacoast of NH’s premier reggae-funk group, of which goes by the name of Boom Lava.